Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

G promised he’d visit Hongkong in October when we split and it’s been pushed back time and time again because some work or event always comes up. Knowing how certain jobs and events are vital to him, I really don’t blame him yet it had gotten to the point that I had given up any hopes that he would visit. I was trying to pair my expectations so I won’t be left crying in the event he never comes but he booked his ticket last week to arrive on Halloween.

The proverb that distance makes the heart grow fonder is so true. It’s not unusual that we would be apart for a few weeks but 2 months thus far is really long time. I miss him so much that I let out the biggest smile whenever I think of him. I miss sharing my life with someone, seeing his smile and spending time with him for hte most trivial matters. Finding a shag or boyfriend du jour is not difficult for me but I’ve come to realise that finding a true love whom I would want to spend the rest of my life with is very hard to come by. Yes, as with all relationships, we have our issues but they are matters we both are willing to accept and try our best to overcome. To be honest, if I were to split from G for whatever reason, I don’t think I have the courage and heart to love again.

Ever since I heard that he’s booked his ticket, I’ve been lusting for his arrival like a kid looking out the window to see when daddy and mommy would return.


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