Closure with Steven

I am visiting Hongkong again visiting family and friends. The first person I called was Steven after my arrival, he had messaged me a few days prior to say hi, so I surprised him when I gave him a call telling him I was in town. We updated ourselves on each others lives and he accepted that I was settling down for the rest of my life with Gabor. I called him eveyday asking him to meet up for a drink or a meal but he gave these lame excuses everytime why there was no need to meet if we’re just friends. It boiled down to the fact that he was not ready to meet me and I understand given that I had let him down. But he would call me to say hi and ask how I was doing. He still rejected my invitation to meet up so after calling him continuously for 5 days, I gave up. I changed phone number and didn’t notify him, figuring that if he was keen to meet, he’d send me a message thru Facebook. A week later, no messages, nothing.

Looking back, I am glad things didn’t work out with Steven because from the first night we met, I’ve been the initiator. I spent numerous hours convincing him to go dine with my friends and go out. Our relationship/friendship is so one sided (me making the effort). He needs lots of persuasion and too much effort to spend time together. I’m attracted to guys and people who can reciprocate the feelings and effort to make things work and Steven seems unwilling even in the sense of a friend.

Ann concluded that Steven was too wishy-washy, like a girl. That provoked a lot of memories of Steven, how he frequents spas for facials, massages, and the way he drops his shoulders as he walks. I really wish we could’ve been friends but there’s nothing I can do if he’s not willing to put in the effort. I can be honest that I tried my best.


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